Essay on What Does Information Leadership Look Like?

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What Does Information Leadership Look Like?
If information is power, then leaders need to take the lead in harnessing that power for the advancement of their organizations.
By Tonja R. Clemons, MBA

Leadership scholars have written a plethora of information on the various types of leaders (transformational, servant, authentic, autocratic, etc.). However, we would be hard pressed to find many resources on information leaders.
Now we are aware of how important it is for organizations to get institutional information fast and first in order to survive and gain or maintain its competitive advantage. But do we need to have an actual leader for this phenomenon? And if we need an information leader, how would that person function in an organization?
Through inquisitive analysis, I will unpack the information leadership concept and uncover the following three foundational constructs of this trend:
1. What is the leader’s role in bringing information to the organization?
2. How do leaders inspire employees to anticipate and look for ideas and concepts for the future?
3. What tactics do organizations utilize to stay ahead of the information curve?

What specific roles do leaders play in bringing new, valuable information into their organizations?
One of the principle roles leaders have in bringing new information to the organization is to actually bring new information into the organization. If the leaders do not participate in information leadership, others within the…

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