Essay about What Does God Have Against Lgbts?

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What Does God Have Against LGBTs? As reported by the Charleston Southern University’s database, “There are about 3,367 students that attend.” However, it does not state how many are LGBT. Homosexuality is a constant topic among various organizations, forums, and debates of schools around the country.
Background and Basic Issues of the LGBT Community
Although there has been rules and regulations set for discrimination of the LGBT community, Stuart Biegel, with the National Education Policy Center, stated in the article, Safe at School: Addressing the School Environment and LGBT Safety through Policy and Legislation, that, “Advances in law and policy have helped lead to much more fulfilling and productive lives for many LGBT persons, but the problems facing LGBT youth in America’s public schools are still sustainable.”
In schools, bullying has become one of the main concerns for the LGBT community alongside isolation from peer activities. Stuart Biegel, with the National Education Policy Center, says that over 85% [of students] report being harassed because of their sexual or gender identity, and over 20 % report being physically attacked.” Alongside, the article, Harassment, Bullying, and discrimination of LGBT Students says, “Students who are perceived to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) often experience harassment, bullying, and discrimination in school (4).” The article also stated, “Harassment included derogatory language, cyberbullying, and even…

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