Discrimination Against Homosexuals

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The Pursuit of Happiness For many years’ people have criticized the existence of homosexuality in the world. Homosexuals have caused quite a stir within many religious societies, especially with gay marriage being legalized in the United States. American states are trying to pass a bill that allows religious business owners to refuse services to homosexuals. If homosexuals can live in perfect harmony with religious people without having a problem with them, why can religious people not do the same? Passing a bill that allows religious business owners to refuse service to homosexuals is unjust and opens doors for discrimination against homosexuals. Religious people believe that homosexuals are wrong for choosing to be gay. Homosexuality is not acceptable among religious people because it goes against their traditional …show more content…
Imagine what it feels like to be rejected because of sexuality. No one deserves to be refused services based on sexuality.
Passing a law that allows religious business owners to discriminate against homosexuals is unjust to both homosexuals and religious people. The law leads homosexuals to think that religious people are just trying to bully them. There needs to be no problem for a homosexual couple to go to a bakery to ask the baker to make them a cake for their wedding. The homosexual couple just want a cake for their wedding. The couple is not trying to get the business owner to become homosexual by buying a cake.
Religious people believe that living among homosexuals is horrible for any civilization. According to “10 Things You Should Know About Focus On the Family” “Akin said that ‘there is no civilization which has condoned homosexual marriage widely and openly that has long survived.’” Homosexuals are being judged by religious business owners because religious people feel that society is going to fail. How can religious people predict the future? They have no clue whether society is going to fail or

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