What Does Capital Punishment Never Existed? Essay

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What If Capital Punishment Never Existed

What would have happened if capital punishment never existed ? What if nobody was sentenced on a death role in the world that we live in? Moreover, what if capital punishments, such as death penalty wasn’t an option that governments have to use in order to stop the rate of crimes ? What if the four girls were never killed during the bombing? I strongly believe that if this incident had never occurred, lives in the United States would have be different in terms of civil rights. As a result of this event, many people in the United State came together to fight for freedom and rights which later ended up with significant groups as the freedom right movements.

Capital punishment had influenced many lives in society, groups, beliefs, and even all over the world. It had played a great role and will still be around for many of years to come. Many laws have to have been created or designed to reduce the rate of crimes and in which in a case like this, death penalty have been part of this laws. Someone would argue that killing a person who have been convicted as a criminal doesn’t make any changes in society but rather increases the rate of crimes in society. According to the U.S department of Justice in 2013 “there were 35 states and federal Bureau of prisons held 2,979 inmates under sentences of death, which was 32 fewer than at year end of 2012.” This shows that the year in which the number of inmates under sentence of death has…

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