Capital Punishment: The Pros And Methods Of The Death Penalty

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Death Penalty The death penalty is an issue often referred to as capital punishment. The death penalty is a legal punishment where someone is put to death for a crime. In order for this punishment to occur, the person has to commit a very serious crime. Capital punishment has been practiced for centuries and is still a method used today. It started out in the past as beheading someone or hanging him or her and has now turned into mostly giving the patient deathly medication. This was a method that was first used in poor countries in order to save space in the prison cells or to punish someone for a harsh crime committed. The death penalty occurs when the court believes that the prisoner has committed such a harsh crime that the person deserves death. Although the death penalty is a popular form of execution, people would more likely suffer spending their lives in jail than by instantly dying. The death penalty is plaguing …show more content…
In most cases, evidence is obtained in order to determine a person to be guilty or not guilty. Although evidence is a major determination, false evidence being given or a case being misunderstood could determine life or death for someone. If a decision was determined to execute someone and later on the court found out they were innocent, it would be too late to fix the mistake. Death is a serious issue because once the victim is dead, there is no going back. Therefore, the death penalty should not be used to execute people. The death penalty is not used often, but when it is used, it is a very serious matter. Making the decision to execute someone is just as wrong as the crime the person committed. Killing someone is a crime and the government choosing to execute people should also be considered a crime. There are multiple factors that determine whether someone should face the death penalty, such as the crime committed and the evidence found during the

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