Should Death Penalty Be Banned

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Death Penalty The death penalty is an issue often referred to as capital punishment. The death penalty is a legal punishment where someone is put to death for a crime. In order for this punishment to occur, the person has to commit a very serious crime. Capital punishment has been practiced for centuries and is still a method used today. It started out in the past as beheading someone or hanging him or her and has now turned into mostly giving the patient deathly medication. This was a method that was first used in poor countries in order to save space in the prison cells or to punish someone for a harsh crime committed. The death penalty occurs when the court believes that the prisoner has committed such a harsh crime that the person deserves death. Although the death penalty is a popular form of execution, people would more likely suffer spending their lives in jail than by instantly dying. The death penalty is plaguing the justice system of America and it needs to be vanquished. The Supreme Court established the death penalty over forty years ago. The two cases that involved the death penalty that stood out the most were Furman v. Georgia and McCleskey v. Kemp. “In Furman, the Court relied on statistical evidence that the death penalty was infrequently applied …show more content…
A person who commits a crime bad enough to receive the death penalty probably doesn’t really have that much to live for anyways. A lot of them want capital punishment because they see if as an easy way out of the world and on to whatever is after this life. If the death penalty was gone, these people would have to sit in a cold, dark jail cell for the rest of their life and think about what they did and how horrible of a person they are. The majority of outsiders looking in would probably see this as the better of the two options. Think of it as an “eye for an

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