What Does Being A Good Person Mean? Essay

1046 Words Sep 15th, 2016 5 Pages
What does being a good person mean to you? In life there are a lot of good morals and values our parents or friends taught us to live by. Sometimes it is hard to follow them all because we all get busy and stressed with our own lives. So I have chosen to write about the moral that I will never forget because my parents pounded it into my head, dependability. This is a moral I will take to the grave and eventually teach to my own children along with many others. I believe if you are a dependable person it shows that you are also trustworthy, caring and sympathetic. What does being trustworthy mean to you? I know it is hard to believe that someone can expect so much out of you. However, there will be a day that your world comes crashing down all at once, and you want someone to be there for you. Well that doesn’t work if you weren’t dependable for that person too. Let’s take myself for example, my best friend, Emily is joining the Army and told me she will be leaving in just a few short months. I bet you can imagine how that conversation went, me drowning in tears. When the day comes and she leaves I know I will have the same reaction. I mean what else could anyone expect we’ve been best friends for almost seven years now and see each other every day. How am I supposed to go from seeing someone I love every day to seeing them once a month or once a year? Even though it will be hard I have to be strong for her, I will still only be a phone call or flight away when she needs…

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