What Do You Think The Belief Is True Or False? Essay

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1.1) Prompts: What do you mean, exactly, when you say you agree or disagree with the belief? Can you explain you explain more fully why you think the belief is true or false?
I was in agreement with many of the believes given in the list of this activity, I ultimately decided on having number three as the one I disagree with the most and number 8 as the one I agree with the most. I chose number 3 as the one I disagree most with because we are not born with a particular skill set, babies are dumber then even some animals such as crow, which a able to solve basic puzzles. Skills have to be developed over time; practice is the key to success. Yes of course there are different routes that people can take in order to reach the end goal. Some people do tend to learn quicker than others, for different reasons, such as them liking the subject. In order to reach their level we need to practice even more to hone our skills. I believe number 9 the most because it directly contradicts belief 3. People need to keep an open mind when it comes to writing. If you don’t believe in your own abilities then others can’t either. There is always room for improvement.
1.3) Collage
1.) My earliest memory of writing was back in third grade towards the begging of the school year. I had just moved to Yuma, from the city in which was born; Salinas California. For some reason I do not recall having a permanent classroom yet. We were told to write something about ourselves so i decided to write about…

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