What Do You Mean Niall Dying? Essay

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“What do you mean Niall dying?” Harry asked.

“He’s just joking” Niall said, sending Liam a look of don’t bring it up.

“Yea it was just a joke” Liam lied, a small grin forming on his face.

“I know everyone loved this little trip to the city, but can we please head back to the campsite. I would love to be able to sit down for just an hour without someone trying to kill me” Louis said.

All the lads groaned in agreement and began standing up. “Wait” Niall called out. “You guys have been here for me for these past couple of days and actually cared about me. And I don’t want to keep my past a secret anymore. You guys deserve to know the truth, and if you don’t want me in the group anymore I will understand.”

“Niall if you don’t want to talk about it we won’t make you” Liam added, lightly squeezing Niall’s hand.

“But I want to. In these past few days, you have showed me more love and compassion than I ever got when I lived with my dad”.

This seemed to shut the boys up. “What did your dad do?” Louis asked, scared to know the answer.

“My father ran a community of survivors in one of the castles of Ireland. He loved my mom and my brother. And i was a mistake. I was never supposed to be born. I was just an annoyance to him that he ignored. Those few years were the best of my life. I had my brother and mom, who loved me very much. I couldn’t ask for more. Then my power was discovered on the day I tripped down the stairs. I healed within seconds in front of my parents.


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