What Do You Look For A Youth Ministry? Essay

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Sixteen years ago, Ken Noble took on a volunteer role in a church plant in Big Spring, Texas. Although his career began with volunteered time within youth ministry, he continually led youth with a passion and love without pay. God continued to call him onward. After seven years, he would move on to a mid-sized church in White Hall, Arkansas. His passion for youth and ministry would continually grow as he evolved in ministry shaping his personal philosophy of ministry. Eventually, the senior staff at Mid-Cities Community Church prayerfully requested Ken Noble to come onboard as the high-school pastor in 2013. Within two years, the middle and high school ministries merged and soon after, he became the sole Youth Pastor. Pastor Noble, a man of research, consistently researches and analyzes youth ministry. According to Noble, Group magazine did a study of 10,000 students and one of the questions asked, “What do you look for in a youth ministry?” “So many ministries are still focused on the event-driven model of the eighties,” Noble explained “however this study stated 74% of students look for a warm welcoming environment. Perhaps surprising, a big flashy service was the lowest answer provided. Through his consistent study, Noble describes his philosophy with a Holistic view. Noble stated “Eighty-eight percent of students stop attending church. As a youth pastor, my job is to take them from the edutainment of youth ministry into the church as a whole by the time they…

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