What Do Unions Do For Productivity? A Meta Analysis Essay

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There is a major problem found within the culture of unions that extinguishes a good work environment. With present union authority, a member’s job security is basically definite. The difficulty that arises has to do with the attitude of union members. Without the worry of losing employment due to poor quality of work, an employee will offer a lazy, pitiable effort. In the article, “What Do Unions Do to Productivity? A Meta-Analysis” written by Doucouliagos and LaRouch, it discusses this point and other negative effects that labor unions can inflict on the productivity of a company. It says that “Unions can have a direct negative impact on productivity by restricting managerial discretion. For example, unions may force firms to adopt inefficient personnel hiring and firing practices. Legal restrictions against layoffs and closed-shop arrangements have an impact on efficient factor usage and hence productivity. Unions also may favor restrictive work practices, curbing the pace of work, hours of work, and skill formation. They also may obstruct the introduction of new technology.”
Limiting the power of unions in employment termination disputes will solve many productivity issues. People work more effectively when they are held accountable for what they do. If there is no fear of termination, lazy employees will not worry about their work performance. To intensify the feeling of entitlement, labor unions will often force employers to limit operation hours and the…

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