What Do Limits Beliefs Sound Like? Essay

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Anyone can find a certain level of love. People who lower their standards or accept the first person who comes along can easily get into a relationship. They may even be happy for a while, but soon the relationship starts to crumble and unhappiness sets in.

It takes more effort to find love that lasts. But, it is worth the effort! When you get into a relationship with someone who is your perfect match - or as close to it as possible, then you will have an easier time working through issues and making the love stand the test of time.

Remove Your Limiting Beliefs About Yourself, Love, And Others

I have a friend who runs a blog focused on giving out dating advice. Every day he hears complaints from men and women who cannot find love, and most of those complaints are filled up with limiting beliefs.

What do limiting beliefs sound like? They are beliefs that are not true and they limit you from going after who you want or becoming who you want.

For instance, "I 'm the unluckiest person in the world when it comes to love!" is a limiting belief. The person believes that they have no luck in love, which could hold them back from taking action on going after someone because they think they will likely fail in one way or another.

Other limiting beliefs include:

- I am worthless

- Nobody could love me

- I 'm not worthy of a decent person

- It 's impossible to find a decent person anymore

- Love is supposed to be hard

- All women are mean and evil

- All men are jerks…

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