What Do Art Mean For You? Essays

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What do art mean to you? Well Orlando museum of art had many variety of art display on the wall on stand or on glass walls to protect the art piece. This museum is joins museum the combined modern American graphics & African artifacts in a contemporary space. When first enter the museum a woman and man my age or order welcome me with a big hello I reply my hello and pay for my sister and I ticket. As I was walking around, I realize Art has no format, which make it unique. What I realize well looking at the art portrait that most artist has dark side that show through their art. If you want to see good original art go to the Orlando museum of art they have it all. The icon and symbol some of the artist use are people, the live of the people, and nature. Carolyn Drake is a photographer she took of fortune tell that she title the to guide which show cards the shaman to tell fortune that are use among some peoples of northern Asia and North America to get fortune read to basely seek advice. Which show she using shaman ask explain show people away seek for help when they have no way out. Another artist that use people for inspiration landscape photographer Lynsey Addario who use a Muslim mother working in the forest with her child in her back going to see her family. What I think she trying to convey is most people either human or animal are very cautious when it come to their child safety. Both artist use human nature to inspire people that human has…

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