What Did You Observe About The Developmental Level Of Students?

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1. What did you observe about the developmental level of students?
During the video I observed many different developmental levels of students. Some students seemed interested and were engaged by raising their hands to answer questions while others did not. Those raising their hand showed they had some background knowledge on Tecumseh. The same students raised their hand time and time again. There were students who were sitting quietly watching the Brain Pop Video while a few other students seem to not be paying attention. One boy was looking around to see what his friends was doing. From the video I noticed that many of the students’ attention spans were lost half way through. You could hear papers ruffling in the background giving the thought that maybe the students became bored or they had the need to move. One student started moving his fingers up and down. The video also highlighted how fourth grade students get easily embarrassed when they forget information or answer a question wrong. I noticed a boy who had raised his to tell what a treaty was forget what he was going to say. He became nervous started saying umm over and over again. He put his hand on his face and later put his head down as a teacher moved on to see if someone could help him answer.

2. What strategy did this teacher use to make student thinking visible?
The first strategy the teacher used to make students thinking visible was by asking questions to call on prior knowledge. She asked students…

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