What Did You Learn From These Chapters & Additional Materials?

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1. What did you learn from these chapters & additional materials? (Use of "I" statements are a great way to answer this question. Please don 't review or outline chapters, articles, or other media. This is about what you learned!
One of the things that I have learned from this section was about the Indian Government and its undertaking to register its 1.2 billion residents within a universal citizen ID system. When I first read that I thought that was pretty impressive. The fact that it cost more than $4 billion is insane to think the least. After they have completed this, it will be the world’s LARGEST database of biometric data. This includes retina scans, fingerprints, and multiple facial images for not one but each individual. This to me is outstanding and very impressive. Another thing that I learned was about Green Computing which is “a program concerned with the efficient and environmentally responsible design, manufacture, operation, and disposal of IS-related products”. I know that most companies want to go green, but I never really knew too much about it. The one thing that I would always think about is using less paper so we can save trees. Here I learned that there are goals such as Reducing the use of Hazardous material, lower power related costs, and enable safe disposal or recycling. These are all very good things to think about especially when you are trying to help the environment. I know of a lot of companies that would never recycle old equipment such as…

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