What Did I Just Get Myself Into? Essay

777 Words Feb 10th, 2016 4 Pages
“What did I just get myself into?” I asked, as Jackie left. I was the only one at my cubicle on a cold February evening, putting in overtime. Not focusing on the task at hand, I was wondering how I would tell my friends I could not go to Hawaii with them over spring break. I felt conflicted, while looking at the window and seeing the moonless downtown sky. On one hand, I was frustrated that I couldn’t enjoy myself for the first time since high school graduation, on the other I was looking forward to taking part of the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund’s member advocacy and education program. My new job was to take place from March through May. I would be assisting the Communications Director, Jacklyn “Jackie” Umbles speaking and engaging with retired Chicago public school teachers at various high schools to encourage them to educate lawmakers and legislators about a lack of state funding for pensions. She gave me a couple of days to think about it, as this was going to be three times a week from March until May, after working hours. After I was explained what I would be a part of, it illuminated on me that these individuals were in the same predicament I was during my times at college and university. During my senior year of high school and later on my college career, I would empty out my garage or scrap up what I can from yard sales and junk yards, and sell at flea markets on the weekends. While coming from a working class immigrant family, I was eligible for a handful…

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