What Issues In Your Life Do You Feel Most Passionate About?

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I do not have any problem in accepting people that are different from me. This is part of how God has made this world. This is the variety of accepting everyone just the way they are. I enjoy meeting people from other cultures. I also, enjoy talking to people with different opinions and belief. I do not judge people every one has different background. This enable a person to be happy and successful in life.
 Consider ways in which you feel (or have felt) vulnerable, disempowered, or oppressed.
There has been time when I have tried to use the system in a nice way knowing my rights and seeking services. I have been discriminated for being Hispanic. It is very painful when you see when you are not provided with the same services as others. I have not only have gone through this experience, but also other people from other nationalities. One thing that I have learn is to make valid my
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I feel passionate about advocating for others in regard when dealing with abuse of any kind. I am always advocating for people rights. Making sure that they are provided with services that they are required.
 If you had the opportunity to stand up for one social issue or value, what would that be?
A social issues that is kind of concerning is the problem of better job opportunities. There are many people that are taking charge in their live by completing a degree. When a person completes a degree most of the time there is no opportunity for a person to move up their career. This is giving the impression to children that is not worth going after an education. Educations is the key in life to make changes and is part of the development of a person. I can relay to this because I have completed three different degrees. I am not getting pay for what the position should be paying, but I love my job. This is a situation that many people are confronting in the United States.
 What is you fear of getting out of a limb for a

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