What Common Core Standard ( S ) Does This Lesson Address? Essay

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ICommon Core Standard
• What common core standard(s) does this lesson address?
• How do you know the students need this lesson?
• Unpack the standard(s) by identifying the strategy(ies) or skill(s)
D.S.His.16.3-5. Use evidence to develop a claim about the past

Based on the student data that I’ve collected, it has become clear that students are not familiar with what laws are. This lesson intends to introduce what laws and their purposes are in America—why we had them in the first place and why we still have them today.
Lesson Objective
• Objectives must be
¬ specific-(clearly defined learning)
¬ measureable-(assess student achievement)
¬ aligned (with the CCSS)
¬ rigorous (written with verbs for expectations of high rigor)
¬ posted
¬ shared aloud with students
3 min

Objective: students will create a KWL chart in order to predict why laws were made in America
*Unpack (KWL chart; predict; laws—this is new)

Essential questions: What is a law? Why were laws created in America?

• How will students demonstrate their mastery of the objective?
• What evidence will you collect to assess understanding?
• Are assessments differentiated for diverse learners?
• How will the data inform tomorrow’s lesson?

Students will answer the questions “why were laws created in America? Why do laws still exist?” in one written paragraph of 6-8 sentences, and additionally illustrate their work as a means of assessment.

I will collect this as a means of understanding about why…

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