What Chimamanda Adichie Means When She Talks Of A Single Story

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What Chimamanda Adichie means when she talks of a “single story” in her TED talk “The Danger of a Single Story” is when a group of people are shown as only one thing in life over and over again, they become this singular thing in the minds of others, leading this single story to become the only story of this group of people. When viewed thereafter people will only see and think of this single story and will not embrace anything that may alter this single story. Adichie attributes the creation of any single story to a people being shown as one thing across multiple platforms, like film and music and literature, for a considerable length of time, allowing a stereotypes to form in result of this single story. Also, by people accepting and applying single stories they doing nothing but maintaining a small mind of thinking in reference to a group and this may only harm possible intergroup relations.
When Adichie traveled from Nigeria to America for college she realized that a single story had been placed upon her, and the people of Africa, by the people of the Western world. She had unintentionally surprised her American roommate by being able to speak English fluently, listening to modern pop music, and knowing how to use a stove. Her roommate seemed to have expected a walking stereotype out of western portrayals of African people and because of these portrayals, never thought she could have anything in common with an African person. This single story Adichie’s roommate had of…

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