What Can You Ever Experienced A Life Altering Event? Essay example

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Have you ever experienced a life altering event? Where every fiber of your being has been impacted in one way or another. The person you are now would not be recognized by your past self. What if you couldn 't remember any of it, but maybe had handful of memories. Those memories play in your head like a old vintage movie projector. Short, choppy, and blurry. At the age of 23, trying to remember what life was like before nine is a headache. The few memories I do have are constantly being played in my head on repeat. After years it has become hard to decipher between my actually experiences, dreams, stories or magazine articles. As I older I get my sense of identity becomes more unclear. If society put in a group, where would it put me. Would consider american? Indian? African American? Or Even Islamic? After a while I begin to wonder if i don’t have remember my life before america. How did it shape me as the person I am today. If I was adopted before the age of nine. How would I be different. When people warn you to choose friends wisely. Until later down the road, you start realizing how each person that is or was in your life has shaped you. Growing up, people knew I was adopted.

Every Thursday my friend Sam would give me ride home from work. We have been friends since the day I stepped foot in America. It was simply luck that one day out of the week, we had the same schedules. I was a senior in high school, working every other day in a clothing store at Tanger…

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