Essay on What Better Way Spread Music Around The World?

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What better way to spread music around the world than to use emotions? Aimer la musique is our Record Label opening up in Paris, France. Our label features different kinds of individuals who write love songs. Where better to produce this music, than the most romantic places in the world; France. A place were love is in the air, and will now be sung at our new label. We are hoping to launch our new project, “Amour”, where we bring in young artists and have them each record a couple songs, creating a long love story to release on one album. Why France? Here’s why. France is a wealthy and developed country. The country also has a high income within the people that live there. Their labor force has increased over the years; bringing our label in will create jobs and lower the unemployment rate, which is at 10.4% as of 2013, according to Global Edge (2015). Their GDP is over $2 trillion, and their growth rate is at 18%. Their economic structure as a whole is going to be a good fit for the label. When we talk about politics, France is Democratic. Their chief of state is President François Hollande, and their Prime Minister is Manuel Carlos Valls Galfetti. According to Global Edge, “France is highly focused upon its involvement in the United Nations, NATO, and the European Union. France also supports Quartet (US, UN, EU, Russian) efforts to implement the Middle East roadmap” (2015). When it comes to investments, France is the fifth largest economy in the world and the second…

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