What Are Your Nonverbal Triggers?

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1. What are your verbal triggers? Give a couple of examples and explain why they are triggers.
They, he /she, can’t do it, is an absolutely gut wrenching trigger for me. Who said that? and why the heck are you acknowledging that kind of behavior? I have heard this said one to many times in my own personal life and in the lives of others. Let the person decide what they can and cannot do before you say they can’t.
Who do you think you are, is another trigger I cannot stand. Or, I showed you how to do it, yes okay so you did, but did you ask if that will work for me? These three sayings I just cannot stand in any tone, demeanor or intent. My first reaction is to argue and I hate arguing. A few of my family members have ask not only myself,
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Once I have calmed myself down I will approach the person and talk about. Though usually working with those kind of people seem impossible, I have encountered a few who had changed the way they talk too others. My family on the other hand it is too much like a learnt behavior. Hard to break when you do not know when you are doing them.
What are your nonverbal triggers? Why are they triggers for you?
People who try to intimate others, tone of voice, shoulder shrugs and overall inconsiderate people. I believe everyone should be treated as humans and nothing below that right. I see it happen almost every day being acted out by people and the victim’s response is saddening. Those triggers again stem from my family members and how mean they can be others. While my family might be tolerant of it, how the world outside works may not be the same and I for one am not.
3. What can you say or do once you have been triggered to calm yourself down and not escalate the
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However, you can’t run up to a perfect stranger and do the same thing. I will usually excuse myself from the situation. If I’m working with that person or know the victim I will try to treat them better and set an example. Sometimes it works and sometimes you just can’t win them all.
4. What attitudes and/or prejudices do you have that could influence and/or impact your ability to response in a crisis?
I have a tendency to ignore triggers when it comes to a crisis situation. My issues during a crisis seem so minimal then the issue at hand. Though being in a verbal altercation with a very disgruntle rude individual could very well impact my ability to respond in a crisis. I listen and feel to what the person is saying and I tend to be an emotional yet stable person, but words do hurt. I would like to think my performance wouldn’t be hindered, but again I have yet to be placed into that position.
5. What can you say or do in a positive sense, after you have exhibited an attitude or demonstrated a

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