What Are You Beliefs On Female Ordination? Essay

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What are you beliefs on female ordination? And why?

Catholic Church should progress to including women in the clergy. I do support female ordination in the Catholic Church for these 3 reasons.One, females are just as competent and able to perform the duties of the clergy as males are. Also females make up 50% of a population so it makes sense that females also take part in this profession. Finally, we 're happy to have Female doctors, lawyers, dentists, astronauts, so there is no reason why we can 't have female priests.

I don 't believe in female ordination for the soul purpose of tradition. I think that the church shouldn 't change such radical laws because people today are pushing for it.

3. Do you think the current feminist movement will change people 's beliefs?

I don 't think that the current feminist movement will necessarily change peoples beliefs, but I think younger Catholics will be more open to change and more likely to accept females, because they simply are more open to equality amongst the genders.

I don 't think the current feminist movement will change people 's beliefs too much, mainly because the church in my eyes appreciates tradition so it won 't change easily.

4. Do you think this is going against what Jesus taught? And if so how or how not?

I think Jesus didn 't necessarily practice what he preached because he did say love do one another as you would have them do i to you however he had 12 apostles and as far as I can remember all of those…

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