What Are The Three Main Points In The Monroe Doctrine

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Hammering out a Federal Republic
The Seventh Annual Message to Congress was written by president James Monroe as a warning to European powers not to interfere with the Western Hemisphere. It soon became the United States foreign policy in 1823, known as the Monroe Doctrine. Monroe warned European countries stating,¨That the American continents are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers.¨ The three main points in the Monroe Doctrine were the separate spheres of influence for America and Europe, non-colonization, and non-intervention. When President Reagan ask the French to intervene on the ground that is,¨not our primary sphere of influence but that of France,¨ People around the White House justified United States intervention in Latin America because of the Monroe
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Spain and European allies were planning on reconquering the former Latin American colonies. European intervention threatened British and American interest. Britain had a very good working trade with Latin American. If Spain regained the New World colonies the trading would decline. The United States also lacked military strength due to trying to prevent European intervention in the New World. Because the European interference threatened British and American interest; the Monroe Doctrine was enforced by the Royal Navy. Monroe had many reasons to deny further colonization by European powers in the Western Hemisphere.
If a European nation attempts to reclaim its former colonial Western Hemisphere the United States would fight back. The Monroe Doctrine states that yes, they have to avoid alliances with other nations, but if they break the policy they must fight for what they own. The United States will not give Europe what that have owned

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