Pros And Cons Of Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson is often remembered as one of the greater presidents of the United States of America. He led the country during the infantile stages of America and arising hostilities between the two world powers, Britain and France. Many speak fondly of Jefferson when they dwell on the former leaders of the United States. Despite his popularity among fellow Americans, I believe that Thomas Jefferson does not deserve his ranking as a “Great American President” due to his determination to establish his idea of “peaceful coercion” with Britain and France. Following the Louisiana Purchase, Napoleon provoked a renewal of his war with Britain that lasted eleven years. The war resulted in Britain issuing a series of Orders in Council. These edicts …show more content…
Undertaking this philosophy, James Madison attempted to maintain this policy, however, Congress had other ideas. The Non-Intercourse Act was going to expire in 1810 and so Congress passed a bargaining measure known as Macon’s Bill No. 2. This bill once again established that trade was reopened to the whole world but it also offered an enticing deal: that if Britain or France repealed its commercial restrictions, America would restore its embargo against the other country. By passing this act, America basically admitted that they were too weak to survive without trading with one of the two countries. Humiliating as the bill was, it still managed to succeed, but at a cost. Britain, in control of the seas, boasted that as long as the war with Napoleon went on, America could trade with them or nobody at all. France extended a hand in peace and America was forced to enact an embargo against British Empire. Consequently, the embargo against Britain pushed the two countries closer to war until it could no longer be avoided. By avoiding the war, hostilities had arisen between America and Britain that had festered into a conflict that threatened to spill blood. Jefferson’s policy had only delayed the inevitable and now the fourth president of the United States was forced to deal with the war of 1812, a war that left America in

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