What Are The Strengths Of The Myth? Which Elements Are Most Compelling?

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1) What are the strengths of the myth? Which elements are most compelling? Do the plot and characters make sense?

The biggest strengths of this myth are most definitely the application and combination of the plots, themes, struggles, characters of the ancient myths we have read in class. This original story obviously had many influences, and you do a wonderful job of weaving these points into a believable story. The references and parallels to other myths didn’t feel awkward or forced.

My two favorite scenes/ideas from your myth were the second paragraph on page two and the idea that Astyanax retires his father’s armor by displaying it in the marketplace. The idea is absolutely perfect for our group’s concentration on political/city heroes. Now, the city of Hectia has symbology and items to worship! The loved the paragraph because of the wonderful descriptive language you used to imagine the scene of the ship being ripped apart and the men falling into and drowning in the water.

The plot makes sense for the most part. There are some inconsistencies that I mention in the third section of this peer review assessment. Other than that, the characters make sense in this story. Besides the random mention of the Achaeans, everyone in the story seems like they should logically be there.

2) Are there clear connections between this myth and the Greek/Roman sources?
There are references and parallels between…

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