What Are The Pros And Cons Of Gay Marriage

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The World is changing! American opposed the equal rights for African-American people and they lost, and now they lost in the battle of prohibiting same-sex couple marriage too. The world always in the motion of changing, and no ideas or beliefs can last forever. Soon or later they would fall and crumble just like the Berlin Wall, which was once stood high and mighty. Gay people have been oppressed for generations and it cannot stay the same any longer. Especially not in America, this is a land of freedom. It is a good thing that same sexes couples are allowed to get married because they make excellent parents, reduce the suicide rate in teenagers. Once of the main reason why the court refused to give marriage-license to Homosexual couple is because the majority of people believe that gay citizens cannot afford to be good or healthy parent’s model for the kids. According to gay marriage pros and …show more content…
Lacking one the two parent’s model often leads the increasing the rate of unprotected sexual activities or unhealthy emotional states. A data from Mark Regnerus, a professor of Sociology PhD at the University of Texas indicate that a large number of children raised under a lesbian couple have a lot of issues such as; unemployment or sexual abuse compared to children who grow up with heterosexual parents. However, a fact can be changed if people willing to put in the efforts. There are evidences and news which can support that gay couples are no less in being a parent than a normal couple. It might dude to the poor criticism of public toward gay marriage. Homosexual couple has tried very hard to prove that they can raise the kid just as the same as everybody. Base of Medical Daily sources gay couple cannot have an

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