What Are The Physical Activity Recommendations For This Population?

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1. Choose an age group to focus on for this assignment, i.e., toddlers (2-4 yrs), children (5-11 yrs), adolescents (12-17 yrs), young adults (18-25 yrs), adults (26-64 yrs), or older adults (65+ yrs). What are the physical activity recommendations for this population?

For my assignment, I decided to look at the Children 5-11-year age group. It is recommended for this age group to get at least 60 minutes of daily exercise (Kolen, 2016). It is also recommended that 3 days include vigorous activity and muscle strength (Kolen, 2016). When referring to the intensity there are two different types, Moderate and Vigorous. Moderate intensity is when the child sweats a little and causes the child to be a little out of breath (Canadian Society Exercise Psychology, [CSEP] 2012). Vigorous intensity is when the child sweats and becomes out of breath (CSEP, 2012). It is important for children in this age group to spend less time being sedentary each day (CSEP, 2012). CSEP (2012) recommends that if children spend less than 2 hours on recreational screen time, it will result in better health. “The lower levels of recreational screen time are associated with additional health benefits” (CSEP 2012). Limiting the amount of time spent indoors and excesses sitting will result in less sedentary time, thus resulting in a healthier, happier life (CSEP, 2012).

2. What is the physical activity level of this population in Canada?

In Canada, only 14% of children 5-11 years of age meet the…

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