What Are the Opportunities in Ethically Dealing with Customers?

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Aigerim Karimova
Marketing, 11.816

What are the opportunities in ethically dealing with customers?

Do we really need ethically dealing with customers? Why? Can we have a deal with client without ethic? Where will it lead? I will try to give answers on these questions that you have read above in my essay.
I would like to describe short stories which happened with my mom in the past. First story is about her job in travel agency as Tourism Manager. She worked in big company that had a lot of clients. A big amount of clients means high salary. Everybody knows that. There were a competition between workers; everyone wanted to have one or two rich clients according to whom they could not be afraid about salary and profit from
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That's why she has a lot of tourists, both new and old.
I remember that five or six years ago mom had big problems on the job. The airlines by which their tourists had a flight became a bankrupt and announced its failure to bring tourists back. There was a huge scandal. Mass Media surrounded travel agency and asked about future actions, what they would do and how they would solve it. Tourists’ relatives and friends cussed with travel agents, they were furious about unreliable partners which were chosen by the company. According to this scandal my mom heard huge amount of unpleasant words. Mass Media tried to turn the words, their video operators did montage and voilà, everybody thought that there were the worst people at travel agency. My mom and director of agency had found a plane and they were ready to bring their tourists in Kazakhstan. When they asked Mass Media to come, they refused because they needed only tragic stories where they could find who was guilty. Tourists were successfully returned to motherland, and everybody forgot about it.
I know that I will always support my mom but in situation above I cannot do it. When you are selling tour to tourists you guarantee the vacation without undue incident. How can you guarantee it? By partners’ choosing. If you have reliable partners, there will not take a place such kind of situations. Reliable partners will tell you if they have a finance problem, will not them? But I agree that

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