What Are The Negative Effects Of Steroids In Sports

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In some countries it is illegal to take anabolic steroids and in other countries it is illegal to sell them without a doctor’s prescription.(Fitzhugh) “In 1886 a welsh cyclist is reputed to have died after drinking a blend of cocaine, caffeine and strychnine”(Morgan,Homfray)after .Doping in sports is bad because it negatively affects an individual’s health, can cause dangerous behaviors, and can impact an athlete’s ability to compete.
Athletes take steroids to try to boost their stamina and their performance but these steroids can have long-lasting physical effects.Fitzhugh emphasizes reasons “But people who use anabolic steroids take them in doses that are tens or even hundreds of times higher than natural hormone levels” (Fitzhugh). People are putting too many hormones in their body which causes their hormone levels to go up and it can be dangerous for them. Fitzhugh confirms “Side effects are most likely to be permanent in teenagers and women” (Fitzhugh) although “The unwanted side effects of anabolic steroids range from mild and temporary to
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In an article about the use of steroids in baseball it states, “But there is a very simple strategy to stop the bleeding:make steroids legal”. (“legalize steroids in baseball,the game will only get better”) .This is bad because steroids are bad for you and it would be cheating if you took them before a game. Steroids shouldn’t be legal because if you are a professional althlete your not only hurting yourself but your hurting your team and your family and friends because you can have a lot of health issues and issues with your family because you wont stop taking their steroids because they can really hurt you and make you really sick.It creates an unfair advantage for the other team because they don 't get the chance to beat the other team like they were wishing they

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