Positive And Negative Effects On Mexican Immigration

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The border that is shared between the United States and Mexico is usually a pretty heated topic in politics and everyday conversations. We often ask, what are the negatives effects of the shared border and what are the positives? What separates the two nations gives Americans a feeling of “safety”. However, for many Mexicans the border is a reminder of their confinement and hopelessness. The illegal immigration of Mexicans to the United States has been happening for centuries and affects our economy, politics and American’s everyday life.
When Mexicans cross over to the U.S it is usually in the hopes of finding work because of how little Mexico pays per day is compared to the U.S. Immigrants are more likely to work the type of low-skilled labor and low paying minimum wage jobs that many Americans would never want to work, even if unemployed. Some employers even pay immigrants less then minimum wage knowing that they will be deported if they ever reported it. Not only are these low- skilled jobs vital for the agricultural industry and many
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His opinion on illegal immigration is much different than a very popular presidential candidate known as Donald Trump. Donald Trump has said that once he becomes president he will deport all illegal Mexican immigrants back to Mexico. This of course has rattled many Americans because of the simple fact that many hard working families will be ripped apart. With the positive comes the negative and there is definitely negative effects with the shared border, one of those being drugs. Thousands of drugs are smuggled across the border each year with the help of illegal immigrants, the cartel and even Mexico’s government. Drug use is a huge problem in the United States but Mexico is our biggest supplier. The Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs

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