What Are The Major Dimensions Of Information System Quality?

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The first research question was explored through the literature review and consideration of the needs of the WCC as an example of an organization requiring an asset management information system. When attempting to update their model (Delone & McLean, 2004) there were three major dimensions of information system quality. These included service, system, and information quality. Each of these measures of quality needs to be investigated, controlled, and measured (Petter, DeLone & McLean, 2013). This is important since the majors will have an influence on user satisfaction and use. The major difference between the original model developed by Delone & McLean (1992) and the updated model (2004) is the addition of the service quality and its importance …show more content…
The study involved using a model of information system success that made use of three dimensions. These dimensions evaluated business environments from the point of view of the user. These environments included security of the transactional site, reliability, and functionality. The study involved a virtual environment and the interest was in online banking sites. It was discovered that the three-dimensional valuation was sufficient to determine the quality level of an Internet banking site. This study emphasized the importance of having service quality accounted for by the success model (Kavanagh & Thite, 2009).
Another study focused on the quality of the software (Urbach, & Müller, 2012). The quality of the software will often determine the performance of the system. This is especially important with regard to large information systems. In a larger system, many subsystems can fail. These can have significant impacts on the overall performance of the system as a whole. It has also been discovered that usability and portability are primary problems that must be considered. In general, this study emphasized the importance of evaluating the system quality of the information system (Urbach, & Müller,
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A review of the literature and a consideration of the Whitehorse City Council leads to the conclusion that Moh’d Al-adaileh (2009) is correct in asserting that management support and perceived ease-of-use are important part of an information system success model. This led to the development of the modified Delone & McLean model presented in figure 1. While the idea to add user technical capabilities and management support to the Delone & McLean model (2004) was the original idea of Moh’d Al-adaileh (2009), the interaction and model proposed here is slightly

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