Why Should School Uniforms Be Worn

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Uniforms have their places where they should be worn; however school is not one of them. Uniforms should only have to be worn at your job and work site, school is an area where children should be allowed to express themselves. Requiring uniforms at school limits the creativity of the students. Due to the lack of allowance for students to wear what they want in private schools their ideals of the world get shaped to fit what the schools want them to believe not how they feel. This is unlike in public schools where the students can be themselves, feel and believe what they want, and not conform to what the school believes. Adopting school uniforms has not been shown to improve either behavior or academic achievement; it is time for schools to …show more content…
There can be several different reasons that people can’t afford the uniforms, first of all they can be expensive, secondly there can be multiple different types of uniforms that are required to be purchased, finally there can be families with low incomes making it difficult for them to be able to purchase and maintain uniforms in good condition. “Many schools have several uniforms such as everyday uniforms, formal uniforms for special occasions and yet another uniform for P.E.” (Kouzmine). This can make it a hardship for the families to afford because they can be expensive as well as there being many different uniforms needed to cover all the occasions. Due to the variety of uniforms required the cost of all of them adds up leaving some families to struggle to be able to afford the clothes on a yearly basis. “It is costly to buy several uniforms at once” (Kouzmine). The cost can be especially prohibitive for families that have more than one child going to that school or for families with children in multiple schools each requiring a variety of different uniforms. “For families who struggle financially, the requirement to purchase school uniforms for their children could prove significantly more expensive than the clothes they buy normally, and add to their financial hardship” (Cascio). The fact that it can put an additional economic burden on already struggling families shows that the schools should stop using them in the classroom. Financial issues affect more families than are known because some of the people might be ashamed to be in known to be in the debt that the other families might not be in. “Many parents argue that buying all these uniforms for all their kids every fall is hard on the family budget” (Kouzmine). This is evidence that the uniforms are costly and can be a burden on multiple families every year. Families with multiple children are often able to

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