What Are The Importance Of Human Relations

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In this paper I will discuss several human relation topics I will incorporate into my personal and professional life. I will discuss motivation and what motivation means to me. I will discuss the importance of goal setting. I will share a few of my short and long term goals. I will discuss stress management. I will list ways I will reduce stress in my life and in the workplace. Lastly, I will discuss communication and specifically how I intend to continue to improve my communication skills.
There are many factors of human resources I will use in my personal and professional life. Motivation and goal setting are two factors I will continue to incorporate into my life. For me, motivation is reaching goals I have established for myself. I continue to establish, both, long term and short term goals for myself. It is important
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The incentives include an extra ten minutes at lunch for employee’s to take a walk, once a month massages and an extra ten minutes to “chat” with other employees during lunch. The incentives are to encourage staff to leave their workstations and “take a break”.
Communication is, in my opinion, one of the most important factors of human relations. Communication includes listening, observing body language and tone of voice (Olsen, 2012) I, specifically, want to improve my communication skills with people of different cultures. In order to improve, I will read about other cultures to learn about their traditions and beliefs.
I am learning to be more effective in recognizing cultural differences by listening and observing while communicating with people of other cultures. One of the communication strategies I use when communicating with people from other cultures is to avoid slang and clichés (Lamberton & Minor-Evans, 2013, p. 146). American’s use slang and clichés more than we realize; it is difficult to avoid slang words while

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