What Are The Effects Of Drugs In The Society

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According to Dictionary drug abuse is an “Compulsive, excessive, and self-damaging use of habit forming drugs or substances, leading to addiction or dependence, serious physiological injury (such as damage to kidneys, liver, heart) and or psychological harm (such as dysfunctional behavior patterns, hallucinations, memory loss), or death. Also called substance abuse”. definition and meaning. (n.d.). At times people may use drugs illegal or legal for various reasons from one person to another. While the person may feel a good sense while on drugs such as the relaxation or high energy, peer pressure has been a major influence on using drugs in the society. Drugs can be induced in one’s body in many ways like through injection, drinking, smoking, …show more content…
About 60 percent of Americans are worried about drug use and eventually consider to be a serious problems. In late 19th century in the South there were many white people were scared that cocaine would come out from African Americans who may do crimes or either becomes violent to white people which this was a myth. In general all drugs are very addictive and dangerous because of the danger they cause in one’s body and the social problems that they bring to the community.
Like alcohol has a long history in our country while culture plays a bug role in it. Alcohol when first introduced by Europeans it was known as good drug and this changed in late 19th century as immigration increased and all the opinions which were negative about alcohol started and changed the whole perspective of how people use alcohol which turned to immigrants to be defined with alcohol problems ( Pleck ,1987; Unrau, 1996
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There is one depressant that is known to reduce the pain that is called analgesics. A study that was conducted at the National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (NDDTC) in India ruled out that prescription drugs have been the common initial start among drug abusers. The study reported that among the group that are more affected are the women which is 36 percent uses prescription of opioid. It was reported that one can stay using the prescription without knowing they are depending on it and even the physician may have no idea that the patient is dependence to the prescribed opioid. The reason why women in general are more at risk is because they are more hesitant to pain than man. The prescription opioids abusers have shown to have co-occurring affect like mood and anxiety disorder which can result to depression. Thus this has been a major concern to clinical and public health as it is causing more increase of admission to inpatient treatments facilities. After the study it was concluded that mental illness, pain and any other nonmedical that were used by women the majority of women they were given those prescription by a physician. Thus it was concluded that every prescriber should be offered a training on how to manage the pain that their patients have and this was thought to reduce the overuse of pain medication and reduce the addiction on them. They also ruled and passed that if a patient has

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