What Are The Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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Cosmetic Surgery Warning It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be
There are many people worldwide who want to improve their physical appearance. Many believe that the physical changes will improve their self-confidence and in turn enhance their lives. Every year over a million people have some type of cosmetic surgery nation wide. Media plays an integral part in the world of plastic surgery. Every day people are bombarded by the altered appearance of celebrities and media personal. Cosmetic surgery has taken Hollywood by a storm. Most renowned celebrities have some type of work done on their face or their body. There are some whose procedures enhance their look, but there are also horror stories of those whose cosmetic surgeries have gone wrong.
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There are many risks involved with any cosmetic procedure and at times many dangerous complications can arise, and people wanting the procedure should know the dangers that are associated with these surgeries. There are various types of cosmetic surgery preformed the most popular are breast augmentation, liposuction, nose surgery, and buttock augmentation. The outcomes to these surgeries are not always what are expected to be. A person can face risks when having these surgeries such as scaring, infections, and death. Ultimately extensive research needs to be done in choosing a qualified doctor for performing these surgeries.
There are ranges of cosmetic surgeries that can be preformed on the body. The popularity in breast augmentation, liposuction, and nose surgery is climbing the ladder of cosmetic surgery. The new upcoming one is buttock augmentation. The number one reasoning behind getting these surgeries is the need for people to look or feel like they are celebrities. “While Kim Kardashian hasn’t admitted to having implants or augmentation herself, last month it was reported that she was the inspiration for forty-five per cent of all bottom enhancing procedures over the
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Many patients that go into surgery think that they will come out without a trace of a scar, but that all depends on the person’s genes. The surgeon tries to minimize the scaring, but it is never a hundred percent because a scar is the body healing the cut. It is like a healing process “There is no such thing as a scar less surgery”(Perry 33). If a person’s body heals quickly the scar also will, but there are those whose body tends to heal slower so the scar will be visible longer. Infection can develop especially in breast augmentation. The infection is usually caused by the person’s own bacteria on their body. Even though the surgeon toughly cleans the area before surgery. At times some peoples bacteria finds its way, and gets into the area the surgery had taken place and ultimately causes an infection. What surgeons are most cautious about is a thing called deep vain thrombosis (DVT). “A few percent get this”(Elyassnia 1) it is a blood clot that forms deep in the vein. It can cause lots of pain to a person also blocks blood flow. The clot can roam around and find its way to a major organ such as the lungs or heart. This causes damage or even death within a few hours. “Surgery is similar to being on a plane for a very very long time”(Elyassnia 1). That is usually why DVT forms in a person when in surgery; however doctors take precautions and have a sequential compression device that are put on the feet

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