What Are The Challenges Of Water Quality

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Water Quality Challenges
Jesus Lopez-Moreno
CSU Fresno
PH 161
Rohan M. Jadhav
The research looks into water quality challenges. The focus will be on what are water quality challenges and what are the elements that affect the quality of the water and the effect on the people. The research will also focus on the effects it has on humans and the environment and what procedures can be taken to better the situation. Finally, I will be stating my conclusion on the topic based in the research conducted.
Water Quality Challenges
Water quality is one of the most significant challenges we have as a society. When I speak society, I do not only speak of a specific state, country, or continent I speak worldwide. Water quality is one of the key components of the ecosystem. As we know, fresh water resources are already scarce and the continuing pollution of water will only continue to reduce these sources. It is up to us to make sure we take the proper actions to keep these resources for future generations.
Reasons behind Water Quality Challenges
What are types of water pollutions? Some types of water pollutions are point-source pollution and nonpoint-source pollution. A point-source pollution is when there is a single identifiable source of source of air, water, thermal, noise or light pollution (Water Pollution. (n.d.)). While a nonpoint-source pollution is pollution resulting from many diffuse sources. How exactly does water contamination occur? Water pollution occurs when a

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