What Are The Challenges Of The Kingdom Of God?

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Every day, the children of God pull on their armor, lift up the sword, and draw their sword. Why do they do this? They are fighting for the kingdom of God. In order to properly fight for the kingdom of God, children of God must try to understand exactly what the kingdom of God is. There are many different aspects of the kingdom of God, and many times it can be difficult for finite human minds to comprehend. However, my understanding has brought me to believe that there are two different aspects to God’s kingdom, those being the earthly and heavenly dimensions. These two aspects are both created by God and are valued by him as well. He is involved in both of them, but in different ways.
In my opinion one obstacle that Christians have to face in their spiritual journey is the thought in the back of doubt of what they believe. There
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Knowing that there will be a perfect heaven and earth someday is the encouragement that Christians need to continue living for God and his glory. This provides some incentive to trust in troubling times. Since Jesus has not come back yet, Christians take on the responsibility to spread the good news and share the message. We are to establish the Kingdom of God and build a community of believers that will be ready to meet their heavenly father when he returns. God’s Kingdom is not just one group of people. We, as Christians should always be striving to change, reach and grow this group. Vivid gave a very clear picture of our place in God’s story. Further God’s Kingdom is one of those reasons. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to have a personal relationship with our creator, and we need to use that relationship to the fullest. Calling on his help to know what to say when there is someone asking about the Kingdom of God. This class has helped me think about and practice what I would say in these

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