What Are The Benefits Of Music Therapy For Patients With PTSD?

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Patients with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) should consider music therapy. Although many patients with PTSD are referred to go to cognitive behavioral therapy, (CBT) many people still have symptoms after therapy. The medical community still questions if music therapy works. Should patients with PTSD try music therapy? I would suggest this to patients with PTSD to attempt a different approach of therapy because music tends to draw a safe and welcoming environment that is universal to all cultures and people. Patients deal with severe symptoms that impact their daily lives and it is important to help these people restore the lives they once had before their horror experiences. Some Patients with PTSD should research about music therapy
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Patients viewed music therapy as helpful and reported experiences concur with current literature.” (Group music therapy for patients) Not only there were a great outcome from this study but it has shown what music therapy could be used for in other ways to benefit patients with PTSD.

Benefits of Music therapy for PTSD
There are times when patients are discerning with talking to therapies for the reason that it is distressing and invasive. “Music engages people in perceived a safe and enjoyable context, it’s universal to all cultures and lifelong.” (Group music therapy for patients) It may offer traumatized people to relate to their healthy identity. Also, it may strengthen traumatized people to engage in treatment rather than with NICE. Overall people who suffer PTSD with see results in a reduction of PTSD symptoms and reduction of depression as well as improved emotional state and the health of the patient.

Health Services Research & Development (info from U.S. Department of Veterans

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