Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder In The Vietnam War

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious problem and affects many different facets of people. Some may think that PTSD only affects those from the military, those in law enforcement, or those in some type of career where crisis’ are dealt with all of the time. This is an untrue and unfair assumption. The fact is, PTSD may have affected us all, but trauma affects everyone in a different way and we deal with things differently. PTSD is brought on usually after a traumatic event, and we relive it. There is a bit more to PTSD and it will be explained a little later. We have all had some sort of trauma in our lives at one time and sometimes remember it because of something that happens to make us remember the event. Granted, this is not …show more content…
The war caused many service personnel to come back and experience trauma because of what they had to deal with while at war. These people, because of the inability to cope with the trauma and misdiagnosis, became worse and they were unable to function well in society. This brought PTSD to light and help and treatment ensued. Just from understanding that people come back from war and may suffer from PTSD, we can assume that PTSD is caused from an exposure to a traumatic event. A traumatic event can be anything to anyone, but is most commonly associated with natural and man-made disasters, violent crimes, a serious accident, terroristic events, and of course warfare (Swartz, 2001). These events, however, do not affect everyone the same and it is still unknown why traumatic events affect one person a certain way while affecting another in a completely different way. Certain factors, in a person, may contribute to them being more apt to develop PTSD. These factors include having depression or anxiety in the past and never receiving the support you may have needed. There may be some genetic factor as well, where it is just embedded in your make-up because someone in your family had it as well. Other possible causes include PTSD as being part of your internal defense or survival mechanism to help you deal with the stress if it shows up again later. Other causes may be abnormal levels of stress hormones that cause you to overreact or the brain processing may be different (NHS Staff,

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