What Are The Benefits And Disadvantages Of First Generation Students?

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The film showed how most first generation students navigate their way through the college application process while expressing some of the benefits and disadvantages first generation students encounter.
Who were featured in the film? Donte is a smart young man who ran into trouble when he was younger; as a result, he changed his life around. Donte later spent much of his time picking his GPA up and playing football in pursuit of a college education. Jess goes to a small school and works in her mom’s diner. She enjoys running stats for the football and softball teams for fun. Cecilia took all AP courses her junior year of high school. Her mother is not as motivated as she is for college. She took all AP courses her junior in hopes of going to her dream college:
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Financial Aid was the deciding factor that allowed him to attend California State University free of charge. He is very grateful for the opportunity at a higher education and plans to give back to his community. Jess was unsure where she would attend college. In the end, she decided to enroll at Bakers College, because it was the best choice financially. Jess does not regret her decision and continues to work in the diner while taking her courses. Though Cecilia was set on going to UCLA, she did not feel comfortable answering the essay questions. She did not finish the application process and decided to take a full athletic and academic scholarship to Bakersville California State University. Cecilia enjoys the freedom of adulthood but sometimes regret giving up on her still dream school: UCLA. Sooma graduated from high school very excited for college. He sets the example for his younger nieces and nephews. After enrolling in his first semester, Somma struggles with balancing a social life and academics; and he was forced to transfer to a 2-year institution. Now, he focuses solely on academics with the hopes of making up lost

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