What Are Some Functions Of The Psychosocial? Essay

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1) What are some functions of the psychosocial?

The Psychosocial is a written documentation that is of great importance in the field of social work. Many social workers, rely on the psychosocial in order to provide the highest level of service for their clients. One of the functions of the psychosocial is first examining the whole person; this process is called assessment. The social worker looks on every area of concern for the client whether psychological, sociocultural, spiritual, lifestyle factors and economical. The social worker then formulates a plan to address the concerns for the client thus providing the highest level of service. This process occurs in the first week of the initial meeting with the client. The social worker will always take into account the dignity of the client as he/ she established rapport through conversation at the same time observing the client. Also, another function of the psychosocial is a baseline. It is important for the social worker to review the document. Baseline guides the process of the client by comparing the initial assessment to later see the psychosocial progress of the client and if interventions were successful or if changes are needed before he continues the process.

2) How is writing the psychosocial “doing” social work?
It is often difficult to fully understand the client when gathering information for the psychosocial. Writing the psychosocial is doing social work as one is faced with many problems to be solved. In…

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