What Are Homeopathy? What It Really Means? Essay

1174 Words Sep 30th, 2015 null Page
What is Homeopathy? Before we can begin to analyze its strengths and weaknesses we have to actually understand what it really means. According to Cambridge’s dictionary homeopathy, means , “ a system of treating diseases in which sick people are given very small amounts of natural substances that, in healthy people, would produce the same effects as the diseases produce.” More specifically though, we are focusing on the aspect of homeopathy pills used to treat certain illnesses. The ideology behind this process is taking the substance that causes the illness and mixing in water, then diluting it numerous times to make a sort of healing solution. Then this solution is mixed with sugar pills that people can purchase. Homeopathy is a sort of pseudoscience that has no connection with the scientifically proven medical practices we know of today. Instead, homeopathy has no scientifically valid evidence to prove its usefulness. Regardless though, science is about learning more about the world, and sometimes that means giving attention to seemingly invalid beliefs and testing their validity. So naturally, No pseudoscience should ever be disregarded and considered wrong by default without a thorough and critical analysis. In the case of homeopathy, there have been many studies done to prove and disprove its validity and usefulness. This is important because it allows us as intelligent hum beings to analyze the benefits and the setbacks of different types of pseudoscience’s. These…

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