What Are Christlike Attributes For Our Daily Missionary Work?

1598 Words Aug 20th, 2015 null Page
What do you think about when you hear the phrase, Christlike attributes? Personally, I think about the many wonderful and amazing qualities Jesus Christ has. Then I remember how we have been told to follow and become more like our Savior. However, becoming more like Him is a whole lot easier said than done. Today, I want to talk about how, if we develop these attributes, then we can receive so many blessings. So what are Christlike attributes? How can we develop them? How can developing them influence our daily missionary work? And how are they connected? I hope that by the end of my talk, you will feel encouraged to go home and learn more about the attributes of Christ. What are Christlike attributes? Throughout the scriptures, we read about the different qualities of Christ. We are told that we should want to become more like him. In order to do so, we need to develop the attributes that he had into our own lives. Christlike attributes are essential for us to develop as we go throughout our lives. If we have a desire, as well as the motivation, then we can become more like Christ. To become more like Him, we must have the desire to improve our lives so we can be more like Him. Along with having a desire to do so, we need to have Heavenly Father 's help. The reason that we need to have his help is because he is the only one who can give us attributes that are like Christ 's. The attributes that Christ has are all intertwined, in how they need the each…

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