What Are Benjamin Franklin's Achievements

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Benjamin Franklin accomplished massive amounts of amazing feats in his long life. Among the many spectacular deeds there are a few that especially impacted America in the 1700’s. One of these was his brilliant work as a printer and writing in his early adulthood. Another achievement was his enormous help in the community. Lastly, he diligently assisted in writing the United States Constitution, which was probably the most famous of his feats. Franklin was born in 1706 and even as a young boy was a zealous reader, who loved to learn and was destined for greatness. Franklin soon became particularly well known as a successful printer and writer. Boldly, he established a print shop in Philadelphia and started a newspaper called The Pennsylvania Gazette. Franklin also created a popular almanac called Poor Richard’s Almanac. Besides being an almanac, it also had many fun sayings such as, “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are …show more content…
When he was eighty-one years old, he was still able to aid Congress. His wisdom helped to keep Congress focused during their challenging task. He delivered many encouraging speeches, which thankfully (ly word) rid Congress of some of the conflict that had arisen in the writing of the Constitution. He quoted Psalm 127:1, which reminded them that, “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.” Eventually, their tedious efforts brought about one of the greatest documents in American history. Benjamin Franklin was a great statesman, writer, and orator. Benjamin Franklin is remembered for his great part in American history. His writing was very popular during the 1700’s, and he did much to educate the colonies. His inventions helped to bring technology to its current state, and his assistance on the United States Constitution is especially renowned. Benjamin Franklin improved American government, technology, and education with his spectacular

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