Essay about What Affect Has Globalization Had On Language?

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What affect has globalisation had on language?

The dominance of English has effects on linguistic and communicative inequality between native and non-native speakers, in a globalizing world, where language governs our society extensively (Tsuda, 1999). Research on globalisation argues strong evidence that English is the lingua franca, international language and communication of today. But to what extent has globalisation evolved language? And how has this discourse been linked to provide social, economic, political and technological hegemony? The purpose of this essay is to critique the effects of globalisation on English lingua franca, with reference to international communication. It will identify the western influence of the sprawl of the English language in global markets and whether these enhance international processes. By comparing and contrasting the ideas from Martin Deway (2008) in ‘English as a Lingua Franca and Globalisation’ and Yukio Tsuda (1997) ‘The Hegemony of English and strategies for Linguistic Pluralism’, the critique will provide an analysis on the positive and negative implications that English has globalized through.

Language plays an important role in society; ‘it provides an important tool for conveying social identities and contributes to the relationship building process’ (East, 2008). It defines us by ethnic appearance, age, gender and classifies societal status (cite). Yet the one language that has spread globally to more than 62 nations,…

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