Western Medicine Versus Traditional Medicine Essay

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Position Paper: Western Medicine versus Traditional Medicine
The Limitations of Traditional Medicine from the Needs of the Society

In this time of modern technologies, we have found new ways of treating and curing disease. However, traditional medicine that was derived from old cultures is still available. Some people still prefer this kind of method, but some stick to conventional one which is the western medicine.

Western medicine is related to scientific method and emphasize measurable biochemical processes that drive disease, treatment and health. It relies on new modern technologies to alleviate disease and cure symptoms (“knowledgewharton”, n.d.)

On the
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It was assured in the laboratory that it is correct and in good quality. While traditional medicine have no standards and we are not ensured for its safety and quality (“debate”, 2011). We don't know the exact contents of these traditional medicines. They can have mistakes in using wrong species of plants or using contaminated with toxic substances, or risk of overdose (Scidev, n.d.). Herbal medicines can also cause allergic reactions. Modern medicines also have expiration while traditional medicine don't have.

On the other hand, our western medicine was also came from herbal plants that was enhanced or synthesized to have a good quality medicines which just work more effectively and more quick (Grunert, n.d.).

Traditional medicine also lacks understanding about the mechanisms of action. There is also insufficient evidence to support their methods' effectiveness (Wu,2010). While in scientists search to understand the mechanisms knowing how each medicine is working. It is tested by science and it was proved to work based from statistics. Traditional Medicine is not 100% reliable for it's slow and unsure effect. In Africa, Malaria has kill one million people for they only rely on traditional medicines (Scidev, n.d.)

The Western medicine, on the other hand, has many benefits as if we think of it. The technology and science has provided a higher scopes of cures and medicines for many disease and illness that is once incurable. If we would compare the two, it could

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