Teen Wolf In Homer's The Iliad

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Originating in Greek mythology, werewolves have been depicted as some of the most aggressive monsters in history. The tale of the first werewolf, then called “Lycaon” is found in Homer’s The Iliad. The beast, portrayed as a half-man half-wolf, highlights aggression and primitive instincts in humanity. Though rarely provoked, nearly every modern account of werewolf sightings involve the beast attempting to attack witnesses. Whether these sightings are fact or fiction, society has a fascination with these monsters that has been translated to pop-culture through television shows, books, films, and other similar trends. This essay will discuss a variety of books, movies, and articles that provided us more insight to the history of development of …show more content…
Teen Wolf depicts the monsters in a very humanistic way. A main aspect of the show explores Scott trying to figure out his powers and impress the girl Allison. This expands on the idea presented by Pappademas in his article “We Are All Teenage Werewolves”. Scott undergoing these changes is reminiscent of puberty, and the desire to impress a girl. He is trying to figure out how to deal with these changes in the first season, and eventually as the show progresses, he becomes well versed with these powers, or in relation to the metaphor, mature. Physically, when in werewolf form, the characters have yellow eyes and long facial hair on each side of their face. (Season 1, Davis). Some characters are portrayed in a full wolf mode, but usually they have humanistic characteristics. All of the werewolves, and characters in general, are attractive. Personality wise, the werewolves do have feelings and motives, but are often vicious. The first encounter we have with a werewolf, it aggressively attacks the main protagonist. (S1E1, Davis). Most of the other werewolves are villainous and aggressive, but just care about being the “top werewolf”. There is a slight hierarchy in the werewolf community, and they are all fighting to take down the Alpha werewolf. Unlike earlier depictions of the werewolf, these wolves attack other werewolves to gain power in the wolf “power

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