Essay on Wells Fargo : An Organization

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Wells Fargo is one of the major banks that provide various financial services to customers both in and out of the United States. It is also an organization that satisfies Swales’ (2010, pp. 466-479) six criteria for discourse community from various aspects. Wells Fargo shapes its company culture to two major criteria, they are the culture of caring and the culture of “One Wells Fargo” (Wells Fargo, n.d.). It embeds its culture into its daily operation and customer service. Its beliefs and practices are the foundations for the company to continue striving successfully in the banking industry.
Wells Fargo has its own communication mechanism for both customers and members in the company. The communication mechanisms for customers and employees are slightly different as they have different purposes and effectiveness to different target audiences. In order to be part of a banking community, members in Wells Fargo are encouraged to update themselves with news and information that are timely and relevant to keep up with the dynamism of the macroeconomic environment. Newspaper, magazine and trade journal that emphasize on the financial industry and economics are helpful in providing understanding of the market trend to members. Members also join some professional organizations to broaden their network through sharing and obtaining useful industry knowledge through these professional organizations. Background
In this report, I investigated Wells Fargo, one of the leading…

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