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Final Strategic Plan: Cupcake Heaven
Executive Summary Cupcake Heaven is envisioned to be developed into a small, privately owned local bakery that prides itself in offering a wide variety of gourmet cupcakes which are made with high quality ingredients and unique flavors. Cupcake Heaven is going to ignite the city of Corona in the new concept of being a “cupcake only” bakery, by offering delicious baked goods in an inviting setting. This analysis will examine the mission, vision, and values of the company, and how these components translate and align with the strategic objectives. Additionally, this strategic plan will provide a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Trends (SWOTT) analysis, a balanced scorecard, and
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In order for Cupcake Heaven to become the supplier of choice to the citizens of the Inland Empire, the company must lead the industry in quality, service and invention, while fulfilling the needs of customers to the highest of standards (Allied Bakery, 2012).
Cupcake Heaven believes that values are directly linked to the mission and vision of a company due to the fact that a solid value system is vital in developing an organized culture (Thompson, Gamble, & Strickland, 2006). This organized and supportive work culture is a catalyst that assists employees in identifying with the mission and vision of a company (Thompson, Gamble, & Strickland, 2006). This “buy-in” to the company’s belief system will help foster an environment of committed employees that are dedicated in seeing the company execute its mission and vision.
The Four Key Values For Cupcake Heaven the values that incorporate what the company stands for are innovation, consistency, commitment, and creativity. Cupcake Heaven is going to be known as the innovative bakery of the Inland Empire. This reputation of innovation will be fostered by doing things differently. Cupcake Heaven will not be providing just common cupcakes, but will be creating new products that will give customers esthetically attractive cupcakes that are simply delightful. Not only is

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