Essay on Week Three Assignment Hca 320

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Health Care Communication Methods
June 17, 2013
Lyubov Kiseleva
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Every day in the health care field, professional have to choose the most effective communication method when communicating to other professionals, patients, patient families, and the general public. Different circumstances have very specific methods of communication that need to be utilized for communication to be effective. Furthermore, in the health care field the regulations of HIPAA have to be considered to ensure that certain information is being protected as well as identity of people pertaining to the health scenarios. Further will be discussed the methods of communicating in the health care field, the advantages
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One disadvantage of using traditional communication methods is that it can be costly compared to some other communication methods. “Traditional medias have a high effect in creating awareness and influencing the attitude of the audience” (Tiwari, Singh, & Tiwari, 2003, p. 2).

Electronic communication method also can be an effective way to communicate to the general public. Electronic communication includes email, phone calls, text messaging, video calling, and etc. Although not every method of electronic communication would be considered effective for scenario previously described, some such as email would assist with retrieving audience attention. Just like any other communication method, electronic communication method also has its advantages and disadvantages. An advantage of electronic communication method is it creates direct communication methods to the intended audiences which can begin to change audience attitude towards a circumstance before any other communication tactic takes into effect. One disadvantage of using electronic communication is there is a large section of the population that does not have access to electronics such as computers and internet. This population does not also have access to email and may not have easy access to a phone. Those people would then be more difficult to

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